It is called Dental Tourism when people travel to a different country for the treatment of oral and dental disorders they experience. This area, which is one of the most important branches of health tourism, is of great importance for every country.

Dental Tourism is the department where Turkey, which is one of the most preferred countries in the world in the field of Health Tourism, hosts the most patients in its country.

Our clinic Alanya Dental House, located in the center of Alanya, the pearl of Antalya, which is the first province that comes to mind in Turkey when it comes to tourism, offers the patients who come to our country the opportunity to visit our country, have a holiday and get to know our culture while having dental treatments.

Health Tourism, which allows people to have a holiday while treating their ailments, has become of strategic importance for countries today due to the fact that it can be done for 12 months.

Especially in recent years, Turkey has come to the forefront in all areas of Health Tourism and has become the most preferred country in the world in the field of Dental Tourism.

In the continuation of our article written by our expert;

  • What is Health Tourism, What are the Types
  • What is Dental Tourism
  • How to do dental tourism
  • Dental Tourism in Turkey
  • Most Requested Treatments in Dental Tourism

You can have information about such issues, you can make an appointment by contacting us immediately to create your holiday plan simultaneously while having your oral and dental treatment in Alanya.

What is Health Tourism

The situation in which people go out of the country to have a holiday simultaneously during the treatment and rehabilitation of the health problems they experience is expressed as Health Tourism.

The biggest difference of Health Tourism from traditional tourism practices is that it can be done for 12 months and thus provides continuous added value to the countries that are in the foreground.

Health Tourism in Turkey in the last few years;

  • Increase in world population and increase in quality of life,
  • Increasing health costs in many different countries,
  • The emergence of countries where treatments are of higher quality and economical,
  • People want to be able to take a holiday during the treatment process or enrich this process with different activities,

is highly developed for reasons such as Turkey has managed to become one of the 10 most preferred countries in the world in the field of Health Tourism.


People who travel from country to country for treatment are called Health Tourists. Health Tourism is divided into different classes.

  • Dental Tourism
  • Medical Tourism
  • Thermal Tourism
  • Elderly and Disabled Tourism

What is Dental Tourism?

Dental Tourism is the name given to people traveling to a different country from the country they live in due to oral and dental disorders. Dental Tourism is of great importance for every country that aims to have a say in the field of Health Tourism.

Tourists traveling within the scope of Dental Tourism can explore the country they are going to while having oral and dental treatments done in the country they go to, and they can relieve all the tiredness of the year by taking advantage of holiday opportunities.

Especially Turkey has become a prominent country in the world in the field of Dental Tourism due to the fact that dental treatment fees are low compared to the world, medical facilities are developed and it is one of the countries that host the most tourists in the world.

Dental Tourism How To?

As Alanya Dental House Oral and Dental Health Center, one of the most frequently heard questions from people who reach us for the treatment of oral and dental disorders is How to Do Dental Tourism.

Although there may be exceptions, we can summarize how the process proceeds in an average case as follows;

  • The person sends the panoramic x-ray taken in his country or other examinations that will help the treatment to Alanya Dental House oral and dental health center.
  • The transmission of this data is easily done in digital environment.
  • These examinations that reach our clinic are examined by our dentist and the problems experienced by the person are diagnosed and the most appropriate treatment planning is made.
  • The person to be treated for oral and dental disorders is informed about the total cost and duration of the treatment.
  • If all conditions are agreed between our clinic and the patient, an appointment is arranged and travel and accommodation planning is started to cover the patient’s appointment date.

Each of the treatments applied to people within the scope of Dental Tourism takes a different time. In addition, the treatment methods and durations that must be applied in order for each patient to have the desired mouth and tooth structure are different.

While some treatments actively used in oral and dental disorders are completed within a few days, 1 to 2 weeks are needed in some methods.

As Alanya Dental House, we estimate the average duration of some of the treatments we apply to our patients coming from abroad;

  • Aesthetic Dental Filling Applications: 1 to 2 days
  • Teeth Whitening: 1 day
  • Dental Coating (Zirconium & Laminated Coating) : 1 week
  • Implant Applications: 1 week for Temporary Teeth in the first stage; 2 weeks for Permanent Teeth when you arrive after 3 months

We can specify it as follows.

As Alanya Dental House Oral and Dental Health Center, we try to determine the right time by evaluating all the needs of the people who reach us in detail and we help the patient to create a treatment and holiday plan by knowing this situation.

Thanks to our detailed analysis and careful planning, patients who will go abroad can clearly carry out their travel, holiday and treatment planning

Dental Tourism in Turkey

Turkey is one of the most advantageous countries in the world in terms of Health Tourism and Dental Tourism. The main reason for Turkey’s move towards becoming the number 1 in Dental Tourism is that the treatments applied in Europe & America can be done under more advanced – modern technological conditions and at affordable prices.

Turkey, where medical facilities have developed considerably, has become a health country where all modern devices that have started to be used in the field of health are used in treatments with today’s technology and where specialist physicians are owned.

In addition, in Turkey, the same medical devices used in European countries are used in aesthetic dentistry applications. All devices used are FDA and CE approved.

Another feature that brings Turkey to the forefront is the holiday opportunities it offers to those who come to the country for treatment. Transportation to Turkey, which has the best accommodation centers, sea, bay and entertainment centers in the world, is quite easy and comfortable from Europe and other continents.

As Alanya Dental House, we are changing the perspective of Dental Tourism in Alanya and signing a first. On this path that we set out with the slogan Have a Natural Smile, Be Happy, we take care of our patients one-on-one in our boutique clinic specially designed by architects and help them achieve the smile they dream of in the light of our 12 years of experience.

We ensure that all our patients, whom we help in the treatment of oral and dental disorders, have a comfortable treatment process thanks to the calming internal structure of our clinic, friendly and expert employees.

Most Requested Treatments in Dental Tourism

Among the most applied treatment methods to our guests coming to Turkey from abroad by choosing Dental Tourism for the treatment of oral and dental disorders experienced;

  • Aesthetic Dental Filling Operations
  • Teeth Whitening Applications
  • Dental Coating (Zirconium & Laminated)
  • Implant Applications
  • Orthodontics (Braces Applications)
  • Aesthetic Smile Design
  • Dental Prostheses

can be shown.

All of the above dental treatments are performed at Alanya Dental House oral and dental health center with a high success rate. In recent years, a significant increase has been observed in the number of patients coming to our clinic for treatment from all over the world, especially in European countries.

The biggest reason for this situation is that the aesthetic mouth and tooth appearance that our patients dream of is 100%. Our patients can experience the most comfortable treatment process at the most affordable prices thanks to our clinic.

However, considering the natural beauties, climatic conditions, accommodation and transportation facilities, cultural and historical heritage of Alanya, it has become the most interesting region in Turkey for Dental Health Tourism.

If you want to have the opportunity to have a holiday while the treatment of your oral and dental problems is carried out, you can get information by calling us immediately and complete your treatment with Alanya Dental House quality. 

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