Turkey is one of the countries that host the most tourists in the world, visited by an average of 50 million people a year for different reasons. In recent years, some of these visits have started to be made within the scope of Health Tourism.

Of course, there are many different reasons for the increase in visits due to Health Tourism. These include;

  • To have physicians with advanced expertise in all medical fields,
  • The use of state-of-the-art devices during treatments,
  • Having beaches, bays and historical areas that can be expressed as the paradise of the world,
  • Transportation to Turkey from many different countries in the world is very easy and fast,
  • Providing the highest level of accommodation opportunities to patients at affordable prices,
  • There are many different activities that can be done during the treatment process other than the sessions spent in the clinic,

When it comes to Health Tourism or Dental Tourism in Turkey, the first address that comes to mind is Alanya, the pearl of Antalya. As Alanya Dental House, we improve the oral and dental disorders of hundreds of patients every year by preparing the most comfortable treatment process for them.

Our patients have the opportunity to travel, rest, discover and have fun while their Oral and Dental problems are treated.

People who spend their time in the most efficient way will return to their countries with the mouth and tooth structure they dream of, as well as a tremendous holiday process and become ready for the new year.

Why Alanya Dental House?

We will try to convey to you why you should choose Alanya for Dental Tourism or Health Tourism and what the treatment process planned and implemented by Alanya Dental House can gain you.

Alanya Dental House Oral and Dental Health Center is located in the center of Alanya. This allows our patients to do what they want by losing minimum time between the airport, accommodation and clinic.

As Alanya Dental House, among the features we offer to our patients compared to other clinics and make their treatment process comfortable;

  1. Providing One-to-One Service in a Boutique Clinic Environment
  2. Having Dentists and Team Experts in the Field
  3. Using Modern Devices Developed with Today’s Technology
  4. Providing Ease of Transportation Thanks to Our Location in the Center of Alanya
  5. Allowing Many Activities Other Than Sessions During the Treatment Process
  6. Helping Transportation and Accommodation by Being Involved in Planning
  7. Allowing You to Relax in the World’s Most Beautiful Sea, Sand and Sun
  8. Having the Opportunity to Taste Delicious Turkish Food During Treatment and Holiday
  9. Again in this process, you have the chance to shop by traveling as you wish
  10. Finding Time to Visit and Explore the Historical Places of Alanya and Antalya

Why You Should Be Treated in Alanya in 10 Articles ?

Many features that we have tried to express as a sentence above actually mean that the patient is offered the opportunity to perform the activities that he is happy with during the treatment process.


If you wish, let's try to elaborate a little more on how the Oral and Dental Treatments you will have with Alanya Dental House quality will provide you with the benefits we have tried to briefly mention above.

  • Medical Facilities
  • Boutique Clinical Environment
  • Accomodation Options
  • Ease of Transportation
  • Entertainment Centres
  • Sea, Sand and Sun
  • Special Activities
  • Shopping
  • Historical Places
  • Turkish Food

Medical Facilities

As in all health applications, Turkey is a country that has proven its maturity in medical practices with experienced and expert physicians in the field of Oral and Maxillofacial Diseases.

Every year, millions of people from 4 sides of the world prefer Turkey to be treated. Operations that cannot even be thought to be performed in many countries in the world are successfully completed thanks to the developed health system in Turkey.

Together with Health Tourism or Dental Tourism, which has become popular in the world, Turkey has become the most prominent country with the opportunities it offers.

Especially regions such as Alanya, where medical facilities intersect with holidays, historical places and entertainment venues, stand out as the region that attracts the most health tourists in Turkey considering the transportation, accommodation and treatment conditions.

As Alanya Dental House, we offer the right treatment options to our guests who prefer our country for the treatment of oral and dental disorders they experience by integrating them with the holiday plan they will feel the happiest about.

Boutique Clinical Environment

As Alanya Dental House, we have made great efforts to provide an environment where our guests will feel comfortable during the treatment process.


Our clinic, designed by an award-winning architect, is created in a boutique structure where the patient will feel at home and comfortable.


During the treatments performed by our specialist physician, the patient is provided with one-to-one service. The fact that there are no other patients in our center while you are being treated can be expressed as one of our biggest differences.


Since we see oral and dental health as a process to be followed for a lifetime, we become like a family with all our guests and ensure the protection of the aesthetic oral and dental structure by hosting them repeatedly for many years after the treatment.

Accomodation Options

When it comes to tourism, Antalya is one of the first 2 to 3 cities that come to mind in Turkey. As Alanya Dental House, we help our patients to have the mouth and tooth structure they desire in our clinic located in the center of Alanya, the pearl of Antalya.


One of the biggest advantages of patients who prefer our clinic in a tourism paradise like Alanya is that there are hundreds of places they can choose to stay.


If our patients create a list indicating their expectations from where they stay, we provide them with information about hundreds of quality and luxury hotels and other alternative accommodation opportunities that meet these conditions.

Ease of Transportation

From our clinic in the center of Alanya, you will have the opportunity to easily reach many points where you can do the activity you want during the day.


In addition, while you are having your treatment in Alanya, you can easily visit the historical and touristic areas in other districts of Antalya, and if you need it, you can go to other points of Turkey thanks to the quick access to the airport.

Entertainment Centres

Alanya and Antalya have a very rich portfolio in terms of entertainment. All our guests we treat can find entertainment venues that can be suitable for their personalities.

Sea, Sand and Sun

As Alanya Dental House, we take care of the treatment process of hundreds of our guests a year and give them the aesthetic smile they dream of. In this process, the most frequent feedback we receive is related to the enormous beaches that Alanya has.


While having your treatment in Alanya, you can enjoy the sea, sand and sun to the end in this district with the cleanest sea and enormous beaches in the world.

Special Activities

As Alanya Dental House, we enrich the treatment opportunities we offer with activities organized by the accommodation centers of our district.


After the sessions in our clinic are completed for your treatment, you can evaluate your time by participating in many different activities such as water sports, yachting, hiking, rock climbing, hot air ballooning, mountaineering, river rafting and cycling.


Turkey is a country that offers its guests shopping environments that will make them happy in all regions, especially in Antalya and Alanya.


You can easily find something in Turkey that you can find by searching for a long time anywhere in the world and have it at affordable prices.

Historical Places

In Turkey, which has been frequented by thousands of civilizations throughout its history and has a geography that connects continents, you can have the opportunity to visit many historical places during your treatment process.


As Alanya Dental House, we recommend many historical points to our patients whose treatments we undertake and with whom we establish family proximity to visit and discover in Alanya, Antalya and other districts after learning their interests.

Turkish Food

While continuing your treatment with the quality of Alanya Dental House, you can have the opportunity to taste many Turkish flavors in the luxury hotel you stay in or in the city center.


You can have the chance to taste hundreds of foods and drinks such as Doner, Sarma, Baklava, Turkish Delight, Turkish coffee, which are famous all over the world and are known among the special tastes of Turkey.

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