Alanya Dental House is a boutique dental clinic located in the center of Alanya, the pupil of Antalya, where all dental treatment methods are offered to patients with special attention.

Thanks to our experience of about 12 years, we ensure that hundreds of our patients from all over the world have the mouth, tooth and jaw structure they dream of, together with a safe and comfortable treatment process. 

Our clinic located in Alanya, the pearl of Antalya, which is one of the holiday paradises of Turkey and welcomes millions of guests every year, allows transportation, transfer and sightseeing thanks to its central location.

While meticulously relieving the oral and dental disorders experienced by hundreds of patients from Europe and different geographies of the world every year, we help them achieve the mouth and tooth structure they dream of with a treatment process that will pass with great happiness.

As Alanya Dental House, we plan all the work that needs to be done in order for our guests who come from abroad to have a comfortable dental treatment process and to reach the desired mouth and tooth appearance in our center in Alanya.

As Alanya Dental House Oral and Dental Health CenterThe dental treatment options we offer to our guests in Alanya show great differences compared to other clinics. This situation always makes us the first choice of patients.

As Alanya Dental House, the features that make us different compared to all other clinics can be expressed as follows;

  • First of all, our clinic has a boutique structure. With its specially designed structure by the award-winning architect, it is aimed to create a treatment environment where the patient will feel most comfortable.
  • As Alanya Dental House, all the innovations brought to health applications by today’s technological developments are available in our clinic. The most modern devices used in the world in dental treatments are available in our clinic, and the most accurate interventions are made to the patient with the use of these instruments by our specialist physician.
  • Our clinic, which has a location where the transportation opportunities of our patients coming from abroad are easy, is located in the center of Alanya. This allows you to easily reach our clinic after coming to Alanya and to come and go to our clinic easily from the accommodation area during your treatment process.
  • The treatment of all aesthetic and functional disorders experienced by people with oral and dental problems can be done in our clinic.
  • As Alanya Dental House, the biggest difference we offer compared to other Oral and Dental Health centers is that the treatment process is advanced one-to-one with the patient. In other words, while you are being treated in our cute and boutique clinic, there are no other patients in our center and our whole team is interested in your treatment process.

All the features mentioned above allow you to have a safe, healthy and comfortable process while having the treatment of oral and dental disorders you experience.

In addition, thanks to the treatment plan specially created for you, you are allowed to make your treatment by integrating it into a holiday process that you will be happy with.

In addition to all these, all treatments performed by Alanya Dental House are performed using techniques accepted by the World Health Organization (WHO).

You can make an appointment by contacting us immediately, you can be safely treated in our clinic which has been prepared considering international standards and has been given the necessary approvals by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey.

The Importance of Oral and Dental Health in Human Beings

Nowadays, it is of great importance for people to have an aesthetic and healthy Oral – Dental structure in order to leave a positive effect on the person in front of them and to appeal to their environment as self-confident.

People who take care of themselves, dress nicely and have white teeth are always considered respectable and attractive in society. This situation reflects seriously positively on the emotional and familial relations of the person and his business life.

As Alanya Dental House Oral and Dental Treatment Center, we complete the necessary applications for our patients with diseases in our clinic in Alanya to perform the necessary examinations and have the aesthetic tooth structure they dream of.

Why Alanya Dental House?

Alanya Dental House allows its guests from abroad to have the aesthetic mouth and tooth structure they desire while making their holidays.

In our clinic, which is very easy to access and the treatment process is completed with a high success rate, we have made it one of our goals that patients can have dental treatments during their holidays and travels.

Alanya Dental House, where the innovations brought by today’s technology to the field of health are used to the fullest, also offers the most successful treatment methods to its patients at the most affordable prices.

The differences that distinguish Alanya Dental House Oral and Dental Health Center from other clinics can be specified as follow;

  • Being a specially designed boutique clinic that will make the patient feel peaceful,
  • Transportation is very comfortable with its unique location in the center of Alanya,
  • After the treatment, the person can go anywhere he wants very easily,
  • All dental treatments for aesthetic and functional purposes that the person needs should be performed with a great success rate,
  • The use of modern devices that have emerged with today’s technology during oral and dental treatments,
  • Due to the location of our clinic, it is very easy to reach the accommodation, eating and drinking, sightseeing and entertainment facilities,
  • Thanks to its 12 years of clinical experience, the most appropriate treatment method is applied to the person with a high success rate,
  • In our clinic, which has adopted the mission of hosting patients individually and privately, the whole team takes care of you because there are no patients other than you during your treatment,
  • Providing support for years after treatment and even for the preservation of the aesthetic appearance that occurs, that is, ensuring the success of being able to be a family with its patients,

Dental House Alanya Treatments

As Alanya Dental House, all the aesthetic and functional treatment techniques needed by our patients coming from abroad are successfully applied in our clinic which is located in the center of Alanya, the pearl of Antalya.

Among the main treatment methods we apply to our patients with oral, dental and jaw disorders, these below can be shown;

  • Teeth Whitening,
  • Smile Design,
  • Dental Coating,
  • Zirconium Coating,
  • Laminated Veneer,
  • Implant Applications,
  • Pink Aesthetics,
  • Hollywood Smile,
  • Root Canal Treatment,
  • Dental Prosthesis Applications,
  • Periodontal treatments

All these dental treatment methods are applied in line with the needs of the patient during the examination in our clinic. As a result of dental treatments, the main goal is to reach the desired mouth and tooth structure and to smile freely.

If you are experiencing oral and dental disorders, if you want to continue your holiday while treating the existing disorders, you can contact us immediately and make an appointment, you can have the aesthetic mouth and tooth structure you dream of with the quality of Alanya Dental House.