Aesthetic Dentistry covers the methods applied not only for the elimination of tooth and gum problems but also to give an aesthetic appearance.

Aesthetic dentistry offers the treatments that the person needs in order to offer a healthier smile. Along with the techniques that include many different methods, advanced technology is also used in the field of dentistry.

In this context, treatment is carried out by considering the aesthetic appearance of the patients as well as their social characteristics and physical structure. For this reason, each design made within aesthetic dentistry is determined individually. Preparing a perfect personalized smile design is one of the most important issues targeted by aesthetic dentistry.

People who want to lay aesthetic teeth are examined in detail. After the jaw, face and mouth structure are evaluated as a whole, the most ideal appearance for the person is designed and determined in the digital environment. In addition, at this stage, the decision is made together with the patient because the patient has the opportunity to see the result.

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In Which Cases Aesthetic Dentistry Treatment Options Are Applied?

Everyone’s tooth and gum structure is different. For this reason, the problems experienced with the teeth may also vary. In particular, the opportunities offered by Aesthetic Dentistry can be used to eliminate almost all problems in the teeth where aesthetic anxiety is experienced.

The situations where Aesthetic Dentistry applications are preferred can be listed as follows:

  • In eliminating color inequalities in teeth
  • In making tooth surfaces that are prone to decay healthier and more robust.
  • In the elimination of fractures and cracks due to trauma in the teeth
  • If there are problems such as distortion, irregularity or closing disorders
  • In the treatment of distortions in the gums as well as color differences
  • When it is desired to obtain a more aesthetic smile, Aesthetic Dentistry applications can be performed.

What are the Methods Applied in Aesthetic Dentistry?

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The methods frequently applied in the field of Aesthetic Dentistry may vary according to the patient’s health status. Problems in teeth and gums are detected by your dentist. The most suitable Aesthetic Dentistry treatment methods are applied for you.

Bonding Systems

Bonding, that is, Adhesive systems, are one of the most preferred applications within the scope of Aesthetic Dentistry. Especially in the elimination of shape and color disorders occurring in the teeth, the healthiest and fastest results are eliminated thanks to Bonding systems.

The fact that it can be applied in a short time makes bonding systems a more attractive method in the field of Aesthetic Dentistry.

Advantages of Bonding (Adhesive) system application:

  • The gaps between the teeth are filled. In this way, a smoother and uninterrupted tooth appearance is obtained.
  • Broken or cracked teeth are given a healthier form.
  • Teeth that are deformed due to abrasion are shaped appropriately.
  • Color changes and inequalities in the teeth are corrected.

Composite Filler

The most well-known and used technique in Aesthetic Dentistry is composite filling. The composite filling technique, which offers superior performance especially to obtain a natural tooth structure, also offers long-term use.

You can use the composite fillings you have made as recommended by your dentist and by paying attention to oral and dental care without any problems for a period of 5 to 10 years.

Porcelain Tooth crowning (veneer)

Porcelain dental coating can be applied for only one or a few teeth or it can be done for all teeth. Especially in the completion of tooth deficiencies and in case of high number of unhealthy teeth, it is preferred to cover the teeth with porcelain crowns.

Thanks to the porcelain tooth coating technique, which gives very successful results, much more natural results can be obtained.

This type of treatment, which is preferred in Aesthetic Dentistry, can be done with different techniques. After the examination of the patient, the most appropriate porcelain tooth coating technique for the elimination of problems is determined by your dentist.

Zirconium crowns (coating)

In the field of Aesthetic Dentistry, zirconium applications are used as a treatment method used in smile design applications. In addition to being a highly effective treatment method, it also has the advantage of a healthy and long-term use.

The materials used for zirconium coating are specially developed crown materials with high light transmittance. Zirconium coating, which is also compatible with the gums, provides very natural results.

During the examination of the patient, defective teeth are detected. In order for the detected teeth to look more aesthetically smooth, cutting and reduction are made to the determined extent. Then, zirconium coating is applied to the teeth with the measurements prepared in digital environment.

One of the greatest privileges offered by zirconium aesthetic treatment is that it is more hygienic than metal porcelain even if it is used for many years. It is also known as one of the healthiest practices because it is better compatible with the gums and anti-allergic.

What is Pink Aesthetics?

Pink aesthetic applications, also known as gum aesthetics, are preferred to eliminate the disorders in the gums. Harmonious disorders between teeth and gums are treated thanks to pink aesthetics. In this way, a more aesthetic and natural appearance is obtained.

It is aimed to obtain healthier gums thanks to pink aesthetics, which is one of the most preferred areas in Aesthetic Dentistry applications.

What is Dental Aesthetics in a Single Session?

Aesthetic Dentistry applications can be applied in a shorter time with the developing technology. Especially thanks to the designs prepared in digital environment and 3D, a draft can be prepared for the patient on the same day.

For Aesthetic Dentistry, there is no need to repeat tooth rehearsals for days. In the same way, the sensitivity problem is also eliminated because it is ensured that the patient can get his teeth without waiting too long.

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Aesthetic Dentistry Prices

There are many reasons why there is a difference in the prices of the methods applied within the scope of Aesthetic Dentistry.

In dental problems experienced by people, the type of problem may vary. In addition, the number of problematic teeth can also affect prices.

Within the scope of Aesthetic Dentistry, different techniques can be applied together. In the treatment methods offered in stages, such as the treatment of teeth and the design of aesthetic smiles, prices will vary accordingly.

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