Smile Design is often preferred in aesthetic dental applications. A healthier and more aesthetic smile is obtained with the smile design specially designed for the person. Disorders can be seen in teeth and gums due to many different reasons.

Gum diseases or dental disorders can lead to an aesthetically disturbing appearance. However, thanks to the smile design, a natural and beautiful smile design is made by considering the discomfort and face shape of the person.

You can contact Alanya Dental House Dental Clinic and request an appointment from our dentist who is experienced in smile design. Thanks to the smile design specially prepared for you with modern techniques, you can achieve the smile you dream of.

What is Smile Design?

The smile of the person is shaped depending on the teeth, lips, jaw, gum and facial features. You may not have the smile you want due to tooth and gum problems due to many different reasons.

The field of smile design offers you the smile that will suit you the most by ensuring that all tooth and gum problems are eliminated at this point. Smile design does not cover a treatment method alone.

It can be defined as a very wide area covering all the disorders that need to be treated. All stages such as completing the missing teeth, removing the distortion in the teeth or treating the gum problems are included in the smile design.

Smile design applications can be realized gradually. In Alanya Dental House Dental Clinic, our dentist who is experienced in smile design applications plans this process step by step.

Which Procedures are Applied in Smile Design?

What is important in smile design is to obtain the most appropriate results in line with the needs of the patient. For this, a disciplined and meticulous planning is required. In smile design applications, which are closely related to both oral and dental health, the treatment methods and sequences needed by each patient may vary. According to your face shape and mouth and lip structure, the most suitable smile design is made for you in the digital environment.

However, in smile design applications, the priority is always tooth and gum health. For this, first of all, the treatments of the problematic teeth are made and the special smile design is created in this way.

The most commonly applied methods in smile design can be listed as follows:

  • In the smile design applied in aesthetic dentistry, the smile line is determined first. If there is no disorder in the teeth, the necessary corrections are made by interfering with the tooth lengths.
  • For the treatment of the split tooth problem, bonding and orthodontic treatments are preferred in addition to smile design.
  • If the patient has gum recession or similar diseases, periodontology applications are performed for their treatment.
  • Special whitening processes are applied to eliminate inequalities and irregularities in tooth color.
  • For the teeth that will be designed by veneering and smile, the appropriate one is selected from laminated, porcelain and zirconium coating methods.
  • In addition to endodontic applications, aesthetic filling applications are also performed in order to treat broken, cracked or carious teeth and to achieve the desired healthy structure.
  • In addition to the treatments and applications mentioned above, other treatments that the patient needs can be done in addition to the smile design.
  • Alanya Dental House Dental Clinic offers you the treatments you need with our dentist who is experienced in smile design.

How Does the Process Work in Smile Design?

You can also choose our clinic to have the smile you dream of. As a result of all the applications you need about smile aesthetics, you can have the smiles that will suit you the most.

Smile design covers a different process for each patient. After the examination stage, it is difficult to give a clear time frame for the smile design, which continues with the planning and treatment process.

Inspection and Planning

Alanya Dental House Dental Clinic first starts the process with a detailed examination for smile design. A general planning is made with the procedures to be carried out during the inspection phase.

First, the intraoral scan is performed to look at the general condition of the teeth and gums. The scan is transferred to the digital environment and a detailed examination is made.

In order to plan the smile suitable for you for smile design, lip and smile photos are taken in all positions. In this way, it is ensured that your current smile is examined.

The prepared design is presented to the patient and a plan is made for the appropriate treatments after the necessary approval.

During the first examination for smile design, a demo smile is prepared and presented to you in the digital environment.

Treatment and Applications

The second process for smile design is the stage where treatment and applications are made. At this stage, the necessary treatments are performed for the teeth and gums. In the treatment process;

  • Teeth that are decayed or broken are intervened.
  • Canal and filling procedures are performed during the treatment phase.
  • If deemed necessary for the patient, orthodontic treatments are started.
  • Diseases and problems that occur in the gum are treated.
  • Tooth measurements are taken by 3D scanning or other manual measurement method according to the situation.
  • Temporary teeth are inserted for patients who do not need long-term treatment.

Final Checks and Conclusion

As Alanya Dental House, the results are reached with the coatings prepared at the last stage in smile design applications. Porcelain dental coatings, which are prepared according to the measurements determined in the digital environment, are attached to the patient.

The rehearsed porcelain teeth are applied permanently with the approval of the patient.

At the last stage, the patient is given detailed information about the care of the teeth made by performing the necessary controls. The smile design process ends with informing the patient about oral and dental care and determining the general control dates.

Why Should Smile Design Be Done?

Smile design has many benefits for people both in terms of health and psychology. You can design a smile to have a more impressive and beautiful smile in your social and business life.

In this way, you can have a more confident posture. A healthy and aesthetic smile is one of the most important factors that motivate a person’s whole life.

First of all, the smile design includes dental treatments that are closely related to your health. All problems such as tooth clenching, gum recession, gum bleeding and inflammation, as well as tooth enamel abrasions are among the problems treated during smile design application.

In addition, dental problems that require surgical intervention are eliminated thanks to smile design treatment methods. For this, you actually have not only a beautiful smile but also a healthier tooth structure with smile design applications. In addition, the most natural results are obtained with smile design.

Teeth with an aesthetically weak structure can be rebuilt and strengthened to be used for life.

An aesthetic smile is very important to look beautiful. For a natural and friendly smile, you can choose smile design applications.

You may not want to smile because of broken tooth structure, color disparities, and other tooth and gum problems.

The issue of smiling, which is closely related to your private life as well as your social life, is solved with smile design and applications.

You can choose Alanya Dental House Dental Clinic for the elimination of dental problems you are experiencing for any reason and for a smile that will complete you.