Implant Treatment is a dental treatment method to complete the missing teeth in the mouth. Implant treatment is carried out with titanium screws produced specifically for the jawbone and under sterile conditions. Then, titanium screws can be integrated with special crown or bridge methods to complete the missing teeth.

What is Dental Dental Implant Treatment?

Thanks to dental implant treatment, specially developed titanium screws are placed in place of the tooth roots. Today, one of the most preferred methods for treating missing teeth is a dental implant.

One of the most important advantages is that it has a lifetime use. Dental implant application is definitely carried out by a surgical intervention. For this, you can choose Alanya Dental House dental clinic.

In dental implant applications, you can have teeth that offer healthier and longer use thanks to our physician.

People who want to have a dental implant can not only complete their missing teeth, but also achieve a more aesthetic and healthy appearance.

How Long Does Dental Implant Treatment Last?

The duration of dental implantation may vary according to how many teeth will be applied and the condition of jaw and bone sensitivity. If procedures and treatments are to be performed to increase the quality of the jaw bone in addition, the implant time may be slightly longer.

However, implant applications of patients with appropriate conditions can be completed in a healthy way within a week. However, patients who need different treatments may also experience an average of six months of implant treatment.

You can contact Alanya Dental House at any time to have detailed information about implant application and treatment time.

To Whom is Implant Treatment Performed?

As with many dental treatment methods, implant application may not be suitable for everyone. However, it is necessary to say that implant treatment is suitable for everyone who has completed the development of the jawbone.

Anyone who has completed the age of 18 and has fully completed your facial and jaw development can have an implant. Nevertheless, in order to check whether the treatment is suitable or not, a detailed examination is made by taking x-rays of the chin and face area in the first stage.

To Whom Is Implant Treatment Not Performed?

Implant treatment is not given to everyone due to some diseases and health problems. Situations in which implant treatment is not suitable can be listed as follows:

  • People with heart disease
  • Those with blood clotting problems
  • People with diabetes and irregular diabetes
  • In cases where the development of the jaw is not completed
  • Implant applications are not performed in cases where the anatomical structure of the jaw and face is not suitable for treatment.

What are the Stages of Implant Treatment?


At the first stage of implant treatment, a general examination of the patient is performed. Thanks to the general health control and dental examination at this stage, it is also determined whether the patient is suitable for implant treatment.

Thanks to the X-ray taken, the general condition of all the teeth in the mouth is checked. In addition, the type of implant to be applied is determined by our dentist at this stage. After the examination phase, a suitable day for the operation is determined.


The most important stage of implant treatment is the operation stage where the implant will be applied. The patient is given local anesthesia and the implant determined in appropriate dimensions is placed. This time can vary between at least half an hour and 90 minutes.

Recovery Process

After the implant application is applied with a surgical operation, the healing process begins for the patient. Although this process varies from person to person, it can take 3 to 6 months on average. However, if deemed appropriate by our physician, temporary prostheses can also be installed for the patient to experience a healthier healing process.

It will be useful for the patient to pay attention to oral and dental health during the implant healing process. In this process, he can continue his normal nutrition, but the implant should not put too much pressure on the implanted area. It is also very important for dental and implant health that the controls are not interrupted on the appointment day given by our dentist for the intermediate control.

Construction phase of implant prostheses:

In order to place the tooth on the implant, the jaw and the implant must first be fully integrated. For this, it is very important to complete the healing process.

Implant treatment generally consists of two stages. In the first stage, an implant is placed in the jawbone and the tooth is made in the next stage. As a final stage, the top of the implant becomes suitable for prosthesis or porcelain coatings. After the implant is fully integrated with the bone, the superstructure is placed.

As a result of the placement of the superstructure, the prosthesis is inserted by taking measurements for the last time. With the installation of the prosthesis, the implant treatment will be concluded successfully.

What are the Advantages of Implant Treatment?

  • In order to close the gap with a healthy tooth in tooth loss, the healthiest treatment method is implant application. As Alanya Dental House Dental Clinic, you can work with us in implant applications to have more natural and healthier teeth.
  • First of all, implant treatment allows you to have teeth that offer a long-lasting use. Implant applications are performed as the most preferred method worldwide in order to have teeth to be used for a lifetime.
  • The safest method for the healthy reconstruction of lost teeth is implant application. The jaw where the tooth roots are located is definitely not damaged and the tissues here can be protected.
  • The life span of other treatment methods can be up to 10 years. However, since implants offer permanent use for life, it is a dental treatment application recommended by dentists. In addition, in other dental treatment applications, it may need to be replaced at regular intervals. In implant treatment, as long as there is no problem, there is absolutely no such situation. As long as oral and dental care is taken care of, it can offer a trouble-free and healthy use.
  • Dentures and different dental prostheses made in porcelain crown veneers or other shapes can sometimes fall down depending on the use and time. This is one of those situations that will leave you constantly worried. However, in the case of teeth made with implant treatment, as long as it is ideally done and used, you will not experience problems such as loosening or falling. This will allow you to have the chance to eat and smile as you wish.
  • Due to missing teeth or various dental disorders, some deformities may occur in your jaw and face area. Especially due to multiple missing teeth, the natural appearance of your face may be disrupted. You can choose implant treatment to eliminate this problem and for a natural smile that will suit your face.
  • Implant treatment is one of the most comfortable applications, especially in terms of protecting jaw and bone health. The cavities that occur in tooth loss are closely related to your jawbone and its structure. However, thanks to implant treatment, these gaps are filled in a healthy way. In this way, you will protect your jaw and bone health.
  • Incorrect applications preferred for the treatment of tooth loss can seriously affect your health. Many problems, from speech disorders to problems in eating, are closely related to your dental health. However, as a result of implant treatment, you will not experience problems such as speech and eating disorders.

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