Removable Prostheses are defined as acrylic parts that mimic the jaw bone and teeth, which have the ability to be inserted and removed by the patient himself. Thanks to the removable prostheses that replace the missing teeth, it is also ensured that the person gains a more aesthetic appearance.

Removable prostheses, which have a very functional use, offer a very comfortable and healthy use with the developing technology.

Removable prostheses are preferred if all the teeth in the mouth or partially absent a part. As Alanya Dental House Dental Clinic, you can get detailed information about the types of removable prosthesis treatment to be applied under the control of our dentist.

What are the Types of Removable Dental Prosthesis?

Removable prostheses are shaped under two different groups according to the number of teeth in the mouth. While full prostheses are preferred for completely toothless mouths, they are divided into partial prostheses adapted according to the number of teeth in the mouth.

Full Prostheses

Full prostheses in removable prostheses are applied if there is no tooth left in the mouth. Thanks to the full prostheses prepared with the support of both the lower and upper jawbone tissue, a healthy appearance can be achieved. Thanks to the full prostheses, also known as palate prosthesis, a healthy and aesthetic smile is obtained.

Partial Prostheses

Partial prostheses, also known as partial prostheses, are one of the most preferred removable prosthesis applications. Partial prostheses prepared by supporting with natural teeth in the mouth provide comfortable use.

Partial prostheses prepared with the support of natural and healthy teeth serve as a kind of bridge. It is especially preferred in the treatment of tooth and bone problems due to bone resorption.

Thanks to the partial prostheses applied at the right time and through an experienced dentist, it is ensured that the soft tissue regains its health. Especially the problem of tooth and bone resorption, which is lost due to advancing age, also affects the tissue in the face area. The collapse and sagging of the lips and cheeks are eliminated by partial prostheses.

Partial prosthesis application is made for a more natural and healthy smile. You can get information about our partial removable prosthesis application by contacting Alanya Dental House Dental Clinic.

Partial prostheses are also divided into different groups according to the application style. There are varieties as partial prostheses with sensitive holders and crochets (metal hooks).

 Crochet (metal hook) Partial Prostheses

In cases where there are many deficiencies between the teeth, removable prostheses with crochet holders are applied. Crocheted prostheses used in the removal of large gaps offer a healthy use because they offer an aesthetic appearance.

In the application of crochet holder prosthesis, support is obtained from the teeth to be used as a support in the mouth. A partial prosthesis is prepared in accordance with the size of these teeth. Hooked prostheses prepared with both tooth and tissue support have a functional use.

Removable prostheses with metal holders have a strong grip, especially since they also have tissue level.

Sensitive Holder Partial Prostheses

Partial prostheses with sensitive holders are preferred for filling toothless gaps. It is known as a type of removable prosthesis that is preferred more frequently in cases where gingival health is insufficient.

In the elimination of shape and color disorders in the mouth and in the completion of the deficiencies, it is ensured that the problems are eliminated with partial prostheses with sensitive holders. Partial prostheses with sensitive holders created by the use of fixed crowns can also give the desired performance in terms of aesthetics.

The crochets that need to be placed on the crown are also placed in the invisible part of the mouth. The desired healthy appearance is also achieved with partial prostheses with sensitive holders that are absolutely not obvious when laughing or talking.

Advantages of Removable Prostheses

After the general examination, the most suitable removable prosthesis is determined by our dentist and you are provided with a healthy tooth structure.

There are many health benefits of using removable prostheses.

The advantages of using removable dental prosthesis can be listed as follows:

  • It provides a healthy completion of the gaps that occur in case of multiple tooth deficiency.
  • It provides elimination of eating disorders caused by tooth deficiency.
  • Although there are teeth in the mouth, there is not enough chewing due to the missing tooth cavities. This leads to the formation of disorders of the digestive system. In order for the chewing level to be sufficient, removable dental prostheses can offer the desired level of proficiency.
  • Missing teeth prevent a healthy smile. Thanks to removable dental prostheses, smiles that offer a healthier and more aesthetic appearance are obtained.
  • One of the most important causes of speech disorders is missing teeth. The use of removable prosthesis also gives very useful results for the elimination of speech disorders.
  • If more than one tooth is missing, collapses occur in the cheek, lip and face area. Thanks to the use of partial or full removable prosthesis, sagging and collapse problems in the face area are largely eliminated.
  • Tooth deficiency can cause serious psychological problems as well as important for health. Thanks to removable dental prostheses, full integrity is provided in the teeth and will enable the person to smile and talk more confidently. This helps the person to feel more comfortable psychologically.
  • You can contact Alanya Dental House Dental Clinic to make an appointment and get information about removable dental prosthesis applications. Thanks to the most appropriate removable prosthesis application that our experienced dentist will apply for you, you can get healthy teeth.

What Should Be Considered in the Use of Removable Prosthesis?

Patients who will use removable dental prosthesis for the first time will be useful to pay attention to some points. Especially in terms of healthy use of the prosthesis, you can take a look at our recommendations.

Things to consider when using removable prostheses:

  • If you are going to use a removable prosthesis for the first time, you may experience a great feeling of pressure and heaviness in the mouth in the first days. Generally, removable prostheses are designed in a very thin structure. However, when using a removable prosthesis, you may also experience a feeling of fullness and swelling in the lip and cheek area.
  • Removable prostheses are different as lower and upper group. In particular, the use of the lower motion prosthesis may be more difficult. Problems such as dislocation or movement may occur more frequently in the lower prosthesis at the first stroke.
  • In the first days of the use of removable prosthesis, the person may secrete more saliva. However, although this situation is not alarming, it will return to normal within a few days.
  • Different complaints can be seen in almost every patient who uses the removable prosthesis for the first time. This situation varies from person to person. Over time, as the person gets used to it, the complaints felt in the first days disappear.
  • Within the first 24 hours after the removable prosthesis is inserted, problems such as hitting or irritation manifest themselves.
  • It is recommended to avoid very hard foods for the first few days after the removable prosthesis is inserted. A little softer and smaller pieces need to be eaten gradually.
  • It is recommended to eat and chew with both sides so that the prosthesis can be fully seated while eating. It is especially important that the back teeth are used more in the first days.
  • During the use of the prosthesis, the compatibility of the tissue and the prosthesis with each other will occur spontaneously over time. For this, you should be careful not to disrupt your physician controls.

By calling Alanya Dental House Dental Clinic, you can get detailed information for removable prosthesis applications and request an appointment.