Bleaching is one of the most preferred methods to have whiter and healthier teeth. Today, many people can have white teeth thanks to the tooth whitening technique.

Bleaching method is a tooth whitening method applied with gels approved by the World Health Organization. During the whitening process, no different process is performed in addition to the teeth. Only the existing tooth color is provided to have a whiter appearance.

How is Bleaching Done?

Teeth whitening, ie Bleaching treatment, can be applied in two different ways. In both ways, the process is followed under the control of our dentist.

You can also contact our Alanya Dental House clinic and create an appointment request to benefit from the Bleaching application. The way bleaching is performed can be explained as follows:

Office Bleaching Method

In our clinic, Bleaching method can be applied with our dentist.  The Office Bleaching application, which will be applied in a clinical environment, is completed in a short time such as one hour on average.

During the Office Bleaching method, tartar cleaning is done first. The cleaning of dark stains on the teeth is successfully completed by the polishing method.

After all the hardened stains on the teeth are cleaned, the tooth whitening process is started. These areas are specially isolated in order to prevent damage to soft tissues during the Bleaching method.

Then, the whitening gel is applied to the teeth under the control of our dentist. In the bleaching method, special light is activated to activate the gel.

The bleaching method does not offer everyone the same degree of whiteness. Because the natural tooth structure and color of each patient are different from each other. However, it should be noted that the success rate of the whitening process is also related to the special plaques prepared by the dentist.

Home Bleaching Method

One of the ways of applying the Bleaching method is the Home Bleaching technique. Thanks to the special plaques prepared by our physician who provides services in our Alanya Dental House clinic, the bleaching process can be easily performed at home.

However, in the Bleaching method to be applied at home, it is very important that you act in accordance with the recommendations of our dentist in order to get the best result. In this way, you can achieve a whiteness that is better than the Bleaching method and offers long-term use.

During the Home Bleaching method, special dental plaques are prepared only for you with our dentist. Thanks to these special supportive plaques, you can have white teeth by applying the Bleaching method at home.

What should be considered after the bleaching method?

At the end of teeth whitening application, you can have white teeth for a longer time by paying attention to oral and dental care. Things to consider after the bleaching method:

  • After the teeth whitening procedure, sensitivity may occur in some patients. However, this sensitivity may be felt by some people and some may be at a low level. This sensitivity that occurs in the teeth within a few days passes by itself. This situation, which will occur after teeth whitening, is definitely not alarming but passes within 3 days.
  • It is recommended to avoid very cold or very hot foods and drinks for a few days after teeth whitening application. Hot and cold foods and drinks can trigger sensitivity in your teeth.
  • As Alanya Dental House, our dentist recommends you paste to minimize the problem of sensitivity after tooth whitening. Using this paste will help you have a healthier and more comfortable process. If necessary, special desensitizing gels can be applied to your tooth by the physician to reduce the sensitivity after the whitening process.
  • After teeth whitening, care should be taken to brush the teeth at least three times a day. It is also recommended to avoid excessive use of coffee, tea and cigarettes. In this way, the whiteness obtained after the bleaching method can be used longer. It is considered appropriate to repeat the bleaching method every one or two years.

Is the whiteness after the bleaching method permanent?

After the tooth whitening method, the duration of the whiteness may vary according to your dental care. However, it is not possible to say that the bleaching process offers a lifetime of whiteness.

Bleaching method is applied to reveal the natural whiteness of your teeth and to lighten the color tone. Generally, the Bleaching method is a one-session whitening application. You can ensure the preservation of whiteness by paying attention to oral hygiene and cleanliness for a long time up to a year.

The bleaching method should definitely be done under the control of an experienced dentist. For this, you can use the whitening process for a long time with our dentist in Alanya Dental House.

Unconscious application of tooth whitening applications can cause permanent damage to both tooth enamel and teeth. In addition, the gums should be protected with special methods during these procedures. Unconscious applications can cause irritation in the gums and lips.

In order not to risk oral and dental health, you should definitely be careful to have teeth whitening under the control of a specialist dentist.

Is Teeth Whitening (Bleaching) Harmful?

Bleaching method is an application that does not cause any harm if it is done under the control of a dentist. You may experience a sensitivity problem that lasts only a few days after teeth whitening.

Apart from this, we can say that the Bleaching method does not cause any harm to the teeth and gums.

Do the teeth return to their former color after the bleaching method?

After the bleaching method, dental care should be paid attention to preserve whiteness for a long time. The whiteness obtained after tooth whitening can be preserved for up to two years.

However, in this process, teeth need to be brushed 3 times a day. It will also be helpful to reduce the use of things that damage and stain teeth, such as smoking and coffee.

If oral hygiene rules and dental care are not taken into consideration, yellowing and staining will occur again after a certain period of time.

Are Dental Cleaning and Bleaching the Same Thing?

Bleaching method can be explained as tooth whitening application in general. However, it is also known to be often confused with the practice of cleaning teeth. However, we would like to point out that tooth cleaning and Bleaching method are not the same application.

In the Bleaching method, spotless and whiter teeth are obtained. However, after dental cleaning applications, very little lightening may occur in the tooth color. The main purpose here is to remove plaque and tartar on the surface of the skewer. In tooth cleaning, a cleaner and brighter appearance is naturally obtained because the discolorations on the tooth enamel are also removed.

There is no separate process to bleach the tooth color. As a result of cleaning the permanent stains, a noticeable opening of the color is evident. However, in the Bleaching method, it is possible to make the teeth white.

Does the Bleaching Method Damage Fillings and Veneers?

The method of bleaching absolutely does not damage the structure of the teeth. Since specially developed gels are applied by examining the tooth structure, it is not an application that damages the teeth in any way.

Fillings and other coatings on the teeth do not have any effect on whiteness. At the same time, since the tooth whitening process is performed on the surface tissue of the tooth, it does not harm the fillings.

However, in some cases, if the color of the tooth and the color of the fillings are the same after bleaching, an additional operation can be performed on the inner fillings.

Is Home Teeth Whitening Effective?

As Alanya Dental House clinic, whitening can be performed at home with Home Bleaching method in cases deemed appropriate by our dentist. The home type teeth whitening method should be applied only as recommended by the physician and daily. As a result of the application made in the recommended time and dose, the desired whiteness can be achieved. None of the products sold on the Internet as teeth whitening powder and gel are reliable. Such applications should only be performed under the supervision of a physician.