Gum Diseases cover all health problems that occur in the surrounding tissues of the teeth. For many different reasons, inflammation, infection and related diseases can occur in the gums.

Gum diseases, also defined as periodontal diseases, are among the serious problems that closely concern the oral and dental health of the person.

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What are Gum Diseases?

The tissues around the teeth are defined as gums. The gums cover a very large area that complements the jawbone and palate. Gum diseases can occur due to the inflammation of these tissues for any reason.


The discomfort experienced as a result of infection in the gums is known as gingivitis. Especially bleeding, swelling and redness in the gums can be seen quite often in this disorder.

In addition to the bad breath that the patient will experience, pain and tenderness in the gums can also be observed. It is very important to treat gingivitis as soon as possible in order to prevent the progression of the infection accumulated in the gums.


Due to the inflammation and infection that occurs, not only the gums but also the periodontal fibers and jawbone are affected by the infection. The gums are able to catch bacteria very easily.

The gaps between the tooth and the gum are defined as periodontal pockets. The bacteria that accumulate in these cavities can cause the infection to spread very easily in the gums.

The infection can spread rapidly and cause tissue loss. This situation triggers the teeth to shake in a shorter time, decay and tooth loss.

Gingival Apse

Abscesses caused by infection in the gums can cause a person to feel aches and pains. Swelling and bubbles filled with inflammation can often be seen in the gums.

What are the Symptoms of Gum Disease?

Gum diseases can manifest themselves with many different symptoms. By contacting our Alanya Dental House clinic, you can have all the gum problems you have experienced treated in a short time. Symptoms of gum disease:

  • Frequent bleeding gums during brushing of teeth
  • Sensitivity and redness of the gums
  • Swelling
  • Bad breath that is felt regularly despite brushing teeth
  • Gums that can move away from the teeth and are easily separated
  • Inflammation flowing between the gums and teeth
  • Teeth begin to shake and move away from each other
  • Gaps between teeth
  • Changes in the compatibility of the prosthesis used with the palate and gums

Apart from the symptoms we have mentioned above, there may be symptoms that occur at different levels and severity. However, the problems experienced with the gum should be seriously considered.

The most common gum diseases include gum recession and bleeding gums. Gum recession can occur especially due to improper tooth brushing techniques and irregular oral care.

In addition, tooth clenching disease and genetic factors are among the causes of gum recession. If you are faced with frequent bleeding gums, it probably means that you have inflammation in the gums.

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Causes of Gum Disease

Gum diseases, known as periodontal diseases, are caused by bacteria and microbes. However, inadequate oral and dental care and irregular nutrition with smoking can also cause gum disease.

Depending on the progression of the infection, gum diseases can progress to the extent of causing tooth loss. Especially for gum treatment, the most important stage is to diagnose the causes that cause this problem. Changing the daily habits of the person can ensure that gum diseases pass in a short time.


Smoking can cause many diseases that seriously threaten health. In particular, smoking is one of the most important causes of gum diseases.

The chemicals contained in cigarettes can cause the gums to become infected with bacteria and germs. Problems such as bleeding and recession due to more easily inflamed gums can also be frequently experienced.

Pregnancy, Menopause and Adolescence

Gum diseases can also occur spontaneously in special periods. Especially during pregnancy, menopause and adolescence, some differences can be seen in gum tissue due to hormonal changes in the body.

The person who has undergone a very sensitive process may also be sensitive to bacteria and microbes during these periods. In order to overcome this process in a healthier way, it will be useful to pay attention to dental care as well as the use of dental floss. In addition, regular dentist control can help you to take precautions against gum disease in advance.

Regularly Used Medications

Depending on some diseases other than sugar, heart or blood pressure, the person may have to use medication systematically. But some medications will increase the degree of sensitivity of the gum and make it sick more easily. Medications can damage the intraoral tissue.

Especially epilepsy and heart and blood pressure medications can cause damage to the gum because they contain high levels of suppressive factors. Due to the drugs used regularly, it will be useful to go to both a specialist doctor and a dentist to treat gum diseases.


Stress is one of the most important causes of many diseases in the body. In particular, it is closely related to dental and gum health. Serious health problems such as stress and anxiety are also among the most important causes of gum disease.

Various Diseases

Some diseases affect the immune system closely. Especially diabetes and similar health problems can cause a person’s body resistance to weaken.

In addition, diseases such as leukemia and AIDS can also cause the body to be vulnerable. This is the most important reason for the occurrence of not only gum diseases but also many diseases. In such diseases, diseases can be felt more intensely and dominantly in the gums.

The occurrence of gum infections is also frequently seen in patients with diabetes. In diabetes that cannot be controlled, it is recommended to see a specialist doctor other than the dentist for tooth loss and frequent gingival bleeding.

Irregular and unhealthy diet

One of the most important causes of tooth loss and gum disease is inadequate and irregular nutrition. Especially since irregular nutrition adversely affects the immune system, it also accelerates the process of gum disease.

In this period, gum recession and bleeding may occur due to nutritional disorders. In addition, malnutrition often triggers gum infections and inflammations.

Gum diseases can also bring serious infection problems.

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